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  • Submitted: 6 years 9 months ago
  • Taken date: 2011-07-16 14:59:13
  • Original file: 850 x 850 px
  • File size: 2.1 MB
Description: This image was taken at Pacu Jawi Festival, a traditional mud-cow race that usually held after harvesting period, by Minangkabau people, especially villagers in Tanah Datar, in West Sumatra.

The two cows are loosely tied together in the Pacu Jawi races, making it difficult to control the cows who often veer off-course. Jockeys are judged not only on their speed but also on how straight their course is and how attractive they are.

To encourage the cows to race faster, the Pacu Jawi jockeys will bite their tails – a potentially dangerous endeavor that can send the cows charging in any direction.


Submitted: 6 years 9 months ago

Date: Jul 16, 2011

File Size: 782 KB

Resolution: 850x850

Original Size: 2.1 MB


Camera: Canon EOS 7D

Exposure: 1/500  F: 8  ISO: 500

Program: Aperture priority

Metering Mode: Pattern

Compensation: 0.333333

Focal Length: 200 mm

Flash: No

Date: 2011-07-16 14:59:13

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Windows


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Maythe Souza wrote in May 30, 2012, 10:25:59 PM

Wow!!! Wonderful picture!!! I loved it! This race seems to be very dangerous but i"ve already seen marvelous pictures from that sport! And this one isn't an exception! Congratulations!

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